Things to Add to the Resume: Composer for a Video Podcast!

Most of the big secret project is done.  I can say now that I was working on bumpers for a video podcast/show called The PC Lounge which should be up and running by next month.  “Bumpers” is actually a relatively new term for me but it basically means a little jingle type intro for the different segments of the show.  Sort of the same thing you’d see on David Letterman when he says he’s going to open the letters and Paul Schaffer starts sing “we get sacks and sacks of letters!”  It was a really fun project and I was given full liberty with only minor instructions like “high energy.”  All the fun of composing something but the longest one was 40 seconds so I didn’t have the pain of having to know where to go next in the tune because there was no next.  I also got to be a bit of an announcer in spots.  I’ve always wanted to be a disembodied voice ala Don Pardo (Wiki him kids).  The other fun part is this is for people across the country whom I’ve never met in person; more wonders of the digital world.  The hosts are Jay Emit and Stewie D from the Obscure80s podcast and I know them from calling into their voicemail line with comments and then over time more produced little bits.

For the recordings I used a controller keyboard and USB Microphone plugged into my iMac running Logic Pro (student edition because I’m not f@#$ing rich) and Garage band.  Logic pro is mostly for straight music whereas Garage Band works great for cutting and pasting different elements for something more theatrical.  Like when a death march is interrupted by a chainsaw, electric drill, and screaming.  All of these things easily export to MP3 that I can attach to email and at the speed of light folks in Cincinnati, Ohio received work from my dusty basement lab in San Francisco.  Where was this stuff 10 years ago? With Logic pro the software replaces lots and lots of hardware.  Of course if I could I’d love to have a real band that I can say “here play this,” but these days I’m not much of a “real time” musician.  Thanks Jay and Stu for the opportunity, now I can say I have worked as a composer for internet TV productions woohoo!  Add it to the list if things I can say.  The show will be posted here so stay tuned!


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