San Francisco Moments 5 (x3)

These were all very short. If I had a camera I would have just taken pictures but I’m too to shy get in peoples faces with the camera. Maybe when I learn to shut of the noisy camera snapping sound from my Blackberry I can take them discretely.

1) On Super bowl Sunday I was walking on a side street downtown when I saw two clean cut young men, one pale white and one dark Hispanic who were the exact same height, with the exact same haircut and with the identical backpacks worn on their front each with an identical grey furred puppy sticking its head out the top.

2) On a street corner a standard brown haired women in a dark blue business suit was having a perfectly mundane conversation with a tall young man wearing baggy jeans with suspenders. His hair was bald except for short pentagonal orange tufts that made his head into a soccer ball pattern.

3) In front of me in the elevator today stood a six foot two woman with long magenta hair dressed all in black and sporting a large purse that included a big flap with a 5 by 5 grid of 3 inch long black rubber spikes. Standing next to her was a short Filipino woman and as the elevator became more crowed she was pushed closer and closer toward the rubber spikes and she clearly didn’t want to touch them.


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