80’s Memory 1: Remote Control

Whenever people trash Adam Sandler I always feel compelled to defend him. It’s like what ever pop-culture tribe I consider myself part of, Adam was one of us. I always end up like a broke record saying: “He’s been cracking me up ever since he was on Remote Control.” I’ve recently realized that just remembering Remote Control gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I’ve also recently realized that I remember less and less about the show to the point where all that is left is just the warm and fuzzy. As with most things that I barely remember, now I can go to the Youtubes for a refresher but before I did that, I wrote down everything I could remember.

Remote Control was both a game show and a party. My memories of watching the show all seem to be on a couch with lots of friends cheering every time something fun would happen. First thing I remember of course, is Adam Sandler playing “The Stud Boy.” If the contestant got “The Stud Boy” category, then Adam would come out in something like a Leopard Spotted Hefner Robe and talk about a romantic conquest with a famous woman and we would have to guess who she was. The next thing I remember is everyone on the couch throwing up our arms and cheering when someone selected the “Sing Along With Colin” category. Colin Quin would sing half assed and out of tune some pop song and the contestant would have to finish the song. If they didn’t actually sing the host would yell at them and make them. Of course I remember Kari but I’m not sure what she did, I guess she was in the Vanna role, what I do remember is every guy I knew had a crush on her. I think many of the categories were great quirky fun, like when the host (can’t remember who he was) would name someone and the contestant had to determine whether they were “Dead or Canadian.”

After Watching an episode on the Youtubes

Wow it really was a party. The contestants sat on comfy lounger chairs and got snacks and one of the most fun things about the show I forgot, at the halfway point, the lowest scoring contestant’s chair would get pulled back into a hole in the set with a horror movie chick screaming sound effect while the audience widly sang “Hit the Road Jack.” I want to do that to people. Instead of having a trap door button I wanna a Remote Control Lowest scoring contestant eject button. I also want someone to open a café/bar thing that is just like the set of remote control and names can get pulled out of a hat for the contestants that day. So some non-lazy person please get to work and let me know when it opens. Maybe Disney will put it on the “It’s an 80s world ride.”



  1. Carolyn said,

    February 3, 2009 at 7:33 am

    I haven’t thought of “Remote Control” in years. Thanks for dusting off that memory for me and making me smile. I wonder how many missed the irony of Sandler’s movie “Click”?

  2. euclidcreek said,

    February 3, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    Having never seen an Adam Sandler movie or Remote Control, I will trust your judgement. I did like some of Bob Hope’s early movies though.

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