Satire Wire (fiction)

In reaction to the G. W. Bush shoe incident in Iraq, plans are underway to invade Italy, where the shoes were made. According to the Whitehouse: “we have good intel indicating that Italy has massive stockpiles of these weapons of mass humiliation and we need to make sure they stay out of the hands of journalists.” This was reminiscent of a similar incident when Bush was speaking at a press conference in Canada and one of the journalists attempted to, “crush the President’s head” by making a pinching gesture in front of his eye.

In the US reaction has been swift as several Americans suspected of wearing a size 10 shoe have been taken in for questioning.

In business news, Halburton is showing a spike in earnings from its new line of 9 ½ and 10 ½ dress shoes.

(I have since learned there is already a website called SatireWire. Just spontaneously typed out the title but I’ll have to think of something else if I ever come up with more fake news.)


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