Legion of Super Nostalgia

            In the age of web 2.0 memories don’t fade like they used to.  Sometimes I enjoy doing a nostalgia search on youtube and rarely does the search come up empty.  I remember in the 80s when Ghost Busters came out, I started telling everyone about a show called Ghost Busters I remembered as a child with these guys in 30’s outfits named Spencer, Tracy, and Kong and one of them was a gorilla ( think it was Tracy) and other teens looked at me like I was crazy.  If I had youtube I could have pulled it up and said: SEE!


            So my latest discovery that took me back to the days of lunch boxes and 10 cent comics is WB’s Legion of Super Heroes.  “They’re making a cartoon out of the Legion. . . of Superheroes. . .you know, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Timber Wolf. . . anybody?. . . no?  Well somebody over at the WB remembered and it was strange seeing them spring to life.  Memories I didn’t know I still had came flooding back of going over colorful pages of the Legion over and over.  If I remember correctly the few I had (wasn’t a collector) came from a library sale when I was visiting my grandparents in Oregon.  They were 10 cents and I think that was the cover price.  The Legion of Superheroes managed to combine my love of Superheroes and all things Futuristic.  The pages were filled with fins, flying cars, buildings that looked more like radio equipment than a dwelling or place of business; basically everything that 2008 still isn’t; Jetsons meets Justice League.  This was one of those things, like the Original Ghost Busters that I wasn’t entirely sure was real anymore.  My favorite was some star guy who’s costume was just black with white stars all over it.  And I had no idea how crazy it was at the time but I just watched a cartoon that introduced Matter Eater Lad.  That’s a super hero?  What kid goes around with a towel cape shouting “I’m Matter Eater Lad!”?  But I do remember he saved the day out of nowhere when this guy who was basically pure energy in a containment suit was about to go critical and somehow Matter Eater Lad was able to save the planet by eating all the energy.  Wait! He wasn’t Energy Eater Lad.  Well, perhaps E=MC2 allows him to go nuts.  I remember he had a pretty bad stomach ache though.  Well now I want to know what happened so I’m off to amazon to see if their is a reprint volume.


            So the future I live in now hasn’t changed so drastically on the surface which is kinda nice because I can still have fantasies about riding tubes through cities and riding the elevator with a myriad of aliens.  I look forward to finding a reprint of that issue so I can read it till the saples fall out.  Until then, I’ll look out for the green haired lady followed by a floating green eye. 


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