GO! Can I perform a spontaneous ceremony?  Or does the word Ceremony imply ritual?  I went searching for a blog and I was struck by the fact that I didn’t have one.  I’ve thought about it but felt the lack of an egg suggested I not waste time working on the chicken.  But then I realized I had the analogy backwards; I don’t need to design the chicken to justify the egg.  The blog is the egg and I was just too chicken to write.  Now back to the spontaneous ceremony;  I know I have things to write, but I don’t have anything to write first.  So should I spend days fretting or just go?

        Most definitions of ceremony use the adjective formal at one point or another.  Whether the act or observance has purpose or none, the method of a ceremony requires formality.  My first blog entry would be an act of necessity.  A first need not be formal, it need only be first.  I suppose an introduction might be a ceremonial formality in any public discourse but screw that!  An introduction takes time and thought and if I started with an introduction I may never start blogging.  I have decided, however, to create my own personal ritualistic ceremony for my first blog entry which I will use every time I start a new blog.  My first blog entry will always start and end with the word GO!


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